Friday, November 04, 2005

Winning Numbers

For everyone who thought that the release of the Gomery report wouldn't make a difference in voter support, or might even lead perversely to a rise in support for the Liberals, here are the official Ipsos-Reid nationwide numbers:

Liberal 31%
Conservative 30%
NDP 19%
Bloc Quebecois 13%
Green 5%

Vote-rich Ontario, where the Liberals can do no wrong, has also soured on its beloved:

Liberal 38%
Conservatives 38%
NDP: 19%
Green 5%

The ball is now in Jack Layton's court. Is there any point in hanging on, trying to extract more concessions from the Liberals, when the prospect of doubling NDP seat totals is at hand?

Strike while the iron is hot.

Thanks to Political Staples .

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