Thursday, November 03, 2005

It Can't Happen Here Because The World Loves Us All

That's what the official line of the chattering classes will be once this story is quickly buried under an avalanche of election speculation:

Canadian counter- terrorism investigators have dismantled a suspected terrorist cell in Toronto whose members included an al-Qaeda-trained explosives expert, the National Post has learned.

The cell consisted of four Algerian refugee claimants who had lived in Canada for as long as six years and were alleged members of a radical Islamic terror faction called the Salafist Group for Call and Combat.

The central figure of the Toronto-area cell was a former al-Qaeda training camp instructor who studied bomb-making at Osama bin Laden's Al Farooq and Khaldun training camps in eastern Afghanistan.

Well, no, they don't love us because of our reputation for tolerance, diversity, and openness to all the peoples of the world. They exploit our virtues turned vices, and despise us for our weakness.

These scum were laughing at the way we fell for their false claims of being poor starving refugees, and kept laughing at us because they could raise money, build bombs and train recruits for years without attracting suspicion.

And had they not been caught, they might well have killed countless people in Toronto, and their supporters would have been dancing in the Arab street the next day.

The fact that these men had trained in Afghanistan should put us in mind of the Khadrs who fought in Afghanistan with the Taliban and Muslims with Canadian citizenship fighting with Iraqi insurgents.

When Islamic terror strikes Canada, the perpetrators will not necessarily be foreigners. They may be Canadian men, born and raised in Toronto and Vancouver, accustomed to Canadian ways, but in thrall to an ideology inimical not only to Canada, but also to all of civilized mankind.

Source: National Post

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