Wednesday, December 07, 2005

12 Point Inspection

Today's SES poll showing a sudden 12-point lead for the Liberals is causing the nervous nellies in the party to panic with visions of a Liberal landslide majority dancing in their heads and a wipeout of 1993 levels.

Oddly enough, the most balanced and reassuring post comes not from a fellow partisan Blogging Tory, but from Calgary Grit.

Bottom line: it's early in this two-part campaign, people's attention is on the Christmas holidays right now, the Liberals do best when they do nothing and nobody's really paying attention, but they can't keep doing nothing forever.

By way of perspective: SES and other pollsters had the Liberals leading by similar margins during the first two weeks of the 2004 campaign. Everyone was convinced that Paul Martin could ride out Adscam to a smashing majority government and that the newly-merged party would crumble. How short are people's memories!

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