Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Sydney Riot: PC's Legacy

Some Australian men have decided that rather than waiting for Islamic rioters to strike first, they should make a pre-emptive strike, according to the Melbourne Herald-Sun:

ANGRY crowds have singled out and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance at Sydney's Cronulla beach as racial tension erupted into violence.

And an ambulance called to the scene to treat five people injured in today's violence has been attacked by a mob who shattered its windows.
Meanwhile, police have been pelted with beer bottles, and their patrol cars stomped on, as the outnumbered officers struggled to maintain control.

Witnesses saw officers using capsicum spray in a bid to quell those perpetrating the violence.


Earlier today, police rushed to Cronulla train station where a mob ran there from the foreshore after receiving a text message saying a group of Lebanese people were trying to leave. Mr Goodwin said the text message was wrong, but sparked a scuffle at the station between the crowd and police.


Authorities had expected trouble today after two violent incidents at the beach last week – an attack on two lifeguards on Sunday and a brawl later in the week in which youths turned on a media crew. A series of text messages then began circulating, encouraging members of two rival groups of beach users to attack each other.

One of the messages had urged "Aussies" to take revenge against "Lebs and wogs". Another urged locals to rally at a point on the beach today to take retaliation against "middle eastern" gangs.

As the 5,000-strong crowd moved along the beach and foreshore area today, one man on the back of a ute began to shout "No more Lebs" – a chant picked up by the group around him.

Others in the crowd, carrying Australian flags and dressed in Australian shirts, yelled "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ... Oi, Oi, Oi".

The riots in Sydney may represent nothing more than a gang of white trash beating up on a gang of Middle Eastern trash. Thugs of all kinds don't need much of a pretext to start a fight.

But they may also be representative of the anger of native Australians left politically voiceless in the face of overwhelming political correctness on the issue of immigration, an anger stoked by recent cases of gang rapes of Australian women by Muslim Middle Eastern men.

Perhaps the most notorious case was that of Bilal Skaf, a Sydney man of Lebanese Muslim origin who was handed a 55-year sentence for leading a brutal gang rape in 2000, only to have his conviction overturned without a retrial when his victim refused to testify again.

In a 2002 case, four men convicted of gang rape blamed the police for forcing them to commit their crime: "We did not commit this crime, the crime was committed against us. The police set us up because we are Muslims, your honour."

As one of them (identified only by his initials, MSK) later claimed, he thought he had the right to rape his victim because he thought she was promiscuous:[TW] said no but I go ahead with it because I believe that at the time I commit these offences, I believe that she was promiscuous …" he said. "She don't know us, I don't know her, like she was not related to us and she was not wearing any purdah … like she was not … covered her face, she was not wearing any headscarf and she started drinking with us and she was singing.

And he and his partners in crime could have found encouragement from their religious leaders, including an Australian-born imam who publicly claimed that women had only themselves to blame for being raped: A victim of rape every minute somewhere in the world. Why? No one to blame but herself. She displayed her beauty to the entire world . . ."Strapless, backless, sleeveless, nothing but satanic skirts, slit skirts, translucent blouses, miniskirts, tight jeans: all this to tease man and appeal to his carnal nature." (Though he later apologized, his supporters had the last laugh: they deposed the head of the Lebanese Muslim Association of Australia who called on him to make the apology.)

We have been called upon repeatedly to examine the root causes of Islamic terrorism and anger towards the West, and to engage in breast-breating for sins, real and imagined, committed by us against these people. Yet never do the chattering classes suggest, except in the mildest of manner so as to give the illusion of even-handedness, that the Islamic community ever examine the root causes of Western anger towards them.

Comments and actions like these mentioned above will end up sparking more emnity and hatred. If we can't have a frank public discussion about the issues for fear of causing offence and damaging the myth of multiculturalism, anger and resentment will fester, and people will turn to the demagogues who, alone of all people, hear them and let them speak.


darkman said...

What the hell is happening to my country? The rednecks are starting to take control. I'm 32 and I have never seen a race riot over here. Except mayby our indigeonous brothers getting all steemed up. But to be honest, who can blame them

This is just rediculous though. I'm now ashamed to call my self australian after yesterday.

Jonathan Davis said...

Were you ashamed to be an Australian when those Lebanese gangs were gang raping your fellow citizens?

Perhaps you are not from Sydney so you don't know the situation there?

This is from the Sydney Morning Herald:

"Out there in Sydney, there is a huge cumulative weight of resentment and contempt at the constant provocations by Lebanese gangs - I'm not even going to bother with the simpering euphemism about "men of Middle Eastern appearance" when everybody knows what it means. It was evident on the beach at Cronulla yesterday.

As it happens, on Saturday, the leader of the Bra Boys bought into the Cronulla debate. Surf star Koby Abberton, who is facing a prison sentence for hindering a police investigation of a murder involving two other Bra Boys, called The Daily Telegraph to offer a view on why his home beach, Maroubra, was one of the few in Sydney not to have been trawled by Lebanese-Australian goons.

"The reason why it's not happening at Maroubra is because of the Bra Boys," Abberton told the Telegraph. "Girls go to Cronulla, Bondi, everywhere else in Sydney and get harassed, but they come to Maroubra and nothing happens to them ... [Because] if these fellas come out to Maroubra and start something they know it's going to be on, so they stay away."

What has happened on consecutive weekends has been displays of two unpalatable subcultures, the yobbo beach tribes, and the Lebanese gangsta tribes. The reactions to the Cronulla brawl will be predictable. The disgusting behaviour of the Aussie yobs, behaving even worse than the original provocateurs last week, will prompt a great deal of ululating about Australian's undertow of racism. This will be countered by a demand for recognition that violent crime in Sydney is disproportionately dominated by Lebanese, Aborigines and Pacific Islanders and Australians have had a gutful of the pandering to these groups.

Both sides will be right. You only have to look at the events at Coogee RSL club in 2002 to know that Australian beach culture has its ugly underbelly. And it would be folly to airbrush away the reality that what started the Cronulla tensions was yet another provocation by the aggressive, repugnant Lebanese gangsta culture - itself an alien subculture within the Lebanese community - which has given Sydney dozens of shootings and murders, a spate of gang rapes, hundreds of sexual assaults, and thousands of deliberate racist provocations at Darling Harbour, the eastern and southern beaches and some of the big clubs in western Sydney, along with Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league matches.

At its worst, this culture had overtones of civil war, as the Kanaan gang sprayed the Lakemba police station with gunfire. One of those who took part in this attack was Saleh Jamal, now in jail in Lebanon on weapons charges. He has turned to Islamic fundamentalism and wanted to explode a terrorist bomb in Sydney before he fled the country.

The cops hate and fear the swarming packs of Lebanese who respond when some of their numbers are confronted, mobilising quickly via mobile phones and showing open contempt for Australian law. All this is the real world, as distinct from the world preferred by ideological academics who talk about "moral panic" and the oppression of Muslims. They will see only Australian racism as the problem.

Others will see only "Lebs". Cronulla yesterday proved it is not possible to airbrush the yob culture out of the picture, but the problem is not the figment of fertile imaginations. This has been too real for too long."