Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ready, Fire, Aim!

Further to yesterday's gang shootings in downtown Toronto and Paul Martin's proposed handgun ban comes proof that there's no better way to make something more attractive than to declare it forbidden:

The morning after Paul Martin campaigned in Toronto's crime-ridden Jane-Finch corridor and pledged to ban handguns, Frank Hiemstra walked in to work at Shooter's Choice gun store and range and got a surprising phone call.

“The guy says, ‘Get me two 1911s. They don't want me to have one gun, I'm going to buy two,'” Mr. Hiemstra said.

Mr. Hiemstra, whose store is in Waterloo, Ont., said the announced ban has had a noticeable effect on sales: “We're definitely selling more guns than normal.”

Gun shop owners and distributors across the country say handgun sales have increased since the Liberal Leader promised to ban them if his party wins the next election. Buyers are stocking up on coveted models before it's too late and hoping the ban would not be retroactive by including guns already owned.


“People are saying, ‘Piss off a Liberal: buy a handgun,'” said Len Kucey, owner of Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Edmonton, who has also seen a boost in sales.

Now that's a campaign slogan for the ages, right up with the late Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo's "I'm gonna make Attila the Hun look like a faggot!"

And probably both illegal under federal hate speech laws.

But seriously folks, whenever there's a hike in tobacco taxes, people rush out to buy a carton before the tax hike kicks in. Same with gas prices and any other commodity when shortages or price increases are expected.

Why expect otherwise with handguns?

Source: Globe and Mail

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luke said...

So what you're saying is that by banning something it makes it more attractive, so it shouldn't be banned.

Therefore: gay marriage and abortion should remain legal.

Just making sure I've got your argument down.