Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fear Of The Open Agenda

After nearly two years of attacking Stephen Harper for having a hidden agenda, the Globe and Mail is now attacking him for not keeping it hidden:

Paul Martin's handlers believe there is a chance Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will "burn people out" with his daily doses of policy announcements.

"He's their biggest vulnerability and they're jamming him down people's throats every day," a senior strategist says. "It's neck and neck [between the Tories and the Liberals] and woe be he who makes a mistake."

Mr. Martin has been deliberately keeping his "powder dry."

It's a long campaign -- eight weeks, including a break at Christmas -- and the Liberals have decided to pace themselves.

And if Stephen Harper walked on water, the Grits' unnamed senior strategists would go around yelling that he couldn't swim.

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McGuire said...

From what i've been reading, sounds like something Andrew Coyne would write