Sunday, December 11, 2005

Beer And Popcorn

Scott Reid has just made what could be a fatal comment about the Tory child care plan, if we get the word out past the Liberal-friendly media:

Scott Reid, the prime minister's director of communications, reportedly said in an interview that the Conservative childcare plan of giving households $1,200 per year for each child under six would just be spent on beer and popcorn.

This story hasn't shown up on the wires yet, and I don't know if there's any video.

John Duffy, appearing for the Liberals on Question Period, stood by the statement.

"The fact is there is absolutely nothing to stop somebody from pocketing Stephen Harper's $1,200 supposed child care baby bonus and spending it however the heck they want," he said.

The Liberal plan will create more daycare spaces, he said.

"There is no shortage of demand for childcare spots. There is a huge shortage of supply," Duffy said.

Politically, did Reid put his foot in it?

On a policy basis, what's the better way to for governments to assist parents: By providing more daycare space or through direct financial aid to parents for them to spend as they see fit?

Or does this episode show the philosophical difference between the Liberals and Conservatives?

A big philosphical difference indeed, folks. The Liberals not only don't trust you with your own money, but they also think that you're lazy and selfish to boot. Had a Tory said this about welfare recipients, he'd have been hung out to dry for being heartless.

Reid's comment just drips content for the ordinary people whose votes he is happy to buy, but who he doesn't want to get too close to, lest he catch some of their filth.

Makes me want to break out the beer and popcorn to celebrate!

Source: CTV Election Blog


Ottawa Core said...

lieberals conceive of canadians as they make them. wallowing in their own sh**.

kateland_62 said...

Why would they ever have a different opinion of the voters - as a nation we keep voting them into power no matter what they do.