Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Be Not Afraid

Memo to news editors from Paul Martin: Stephen Harper is not scary.

Please update your style guides accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he has been listening to Ujjal, who as NDP Premier tried to demonize now-Premier Gordon Campbell (a Liberal in name but
conservative at heart) in the 2001 BC election. To Ujjal's famous question, "Do you want 79 Gordon Campbells in the Legislature?" the answer was pretty much "We don't care, we just want you out!" Campbell's Liberals got in with 77 of the 79 seats, the biggest landslide in BC ever. Unfortunately for Canada, Ujjal ended up with a nice plum from his slimy soulmates in Ottawa, but let's hope Canadians ensure it is just a slight detour off the road Kim Campbell (presumably no relation to Gordon) went down.