Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ambassador Williams

The op-ed pages and talking heads will be furious tomorrow with righteous indignation at this unwarranted foreign interference with the federal election:

How I ended up in a cab on College Street with Robin Williams, peering out the window at the falling snow and singing along to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I'll never exactly know.


Eventually, Mork, who's in town shooting a movie titled Man of the Year, ended up behind the bar taking orders from tickled patrons. I took the opportunity to do an impromptu Q&A.

"So, Mr. Williams," I asked, "what is your position on the Canadian election?"

"Stay Liberal!" he expounded with the speed of a stand-up.

"But our Conservatives are not the same as your conservatives," I rambled back.

"Yes, your Conservatives don't kill people," Williams shot back.

Or not.

Robin Williams, after all, is a famous comedian, and David Wilkins is merely the American ambassador. Not difficult to see whose words should carry more weight with the chattering classes.

Source: National Post


Brian Lemon said...

18 months ago both Ralph Nader and Michael Moore came to Canada and instructed Canadians to not vote for the Conservative Party.

And they got home safe and sound.

And Ray Chretien loudly announced that Canada liked Al Gore better than GWB. But that was okay.

And Anne McLellan wants to run an ad campaign in the US crapping on the US Administration.

A Republican who came to Canada and did this would be pilloried at Pearson.

Double standard? Hell no 0 not the Liberals.

Brandon said...

I just came up with this:

Feel free to use it.