Monday, December 12, 2005

Axe Fights

I used to think that men's body spray was just for metrosexual sissies, so it's heartening to see that boys are finding a proper use for it:

A New Brunswick principal has stepped in after a series of "Axe fights" that are not nearly as dangerous as they might sound.

Students at Nashwaaksis Middle School in Fredericton are not wielding hatchets, but small 155-ml spray cans of Axe deodorant body spray.

The recent scent skirmishes have prompted principal Alan Atkins to order students to stop wearing the smelly spray.


Mr. Atkins said some students were showing up reeking of it first thing in the morning while others would sometimes squirt each other with it on the way back from gym class. "If they get into squirting it on one another, like an 'Axe fight' as they all call it, that's a whole other different issue," Mr. Atkins said. "That's a discipline issue more than anything else."

The boys were obviously taking notes from the company's overtly sexual marketing campaigns that promote the "Axe Effect," whereby women become powerless to the effects of the deodorant's scent.

We need not fear for these boys' masculinity if they're getting into gross-out fights to see who stinks the worst with it. Good to see them fighting back against the feminizing tendencies of the modern school system!

Source: National Post


VW said...

I do believe these boys have discovered chemical warfare.

If they start holding flatulence competitions, we'll know that they've discovered biological warfare.

And if they figure out how to undo a woman's bra, we'll know that they've figured out nuclear warfare. (They'll learn about the concept of fallout, you see.)

PGP said...

You are Baiting the PC bunch!
Cut it out before they Call You Names!