Friday, December 23, 2005

Same Words, Different Speaker

Investigation has confirmed that Mississauga-Erindale Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra did not call his nomination a "victory for Islam" and did not declare that "Islamic power is rising in Mississauga."

But Khalid Osman, a Markham town councillor who campaigned for Alghabra's nomination, did.

Unfortunately for Alghabra, all the apologies, retractions and explanations in the world will not lift the taint of these incorrectly attributed remarks from his camapign, as long as he surrounds himself with people like Khalid Osman.

If he wants to put this scandal behind him, he had better kick Osman and anyone else with radical Islamic sympathies off his campaign, now.

These comments are even more threatening coming from Osman, in a way, because he holds elected office and Alghabra does not. A radical Islamic sympathizer can still do a lot of damage in municipal office.

Source: Daniel Pipes

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