Friday, December 09, 2005

Unwelcome Back Khadr

Forgive me if I do not shed salt tears for this poor man's plight:

Now that Abdullah Khadr has returned to Canada, his sister says he can expect to be condemned along with the rest of his relatives.

"People have this picture of us as these very arrogant, selfish, scary people who did not care for anyone," Zaynab Khadr recently told the website, which draws attention to the cases of detained Muslims.

"It's a very difficult situation when you are living in a place where you know you are not wanted and people are actually fighting to get you out of the country."

In a lengthy interview, she made a plea for sympathy, saying her family members -- who are all Canadian citizens living in Scarborough, Ont. -- are hated by Canadians and abandoned by Muslims.

Leaving Canada to take up arms in such an execrable cause will not win friends and influence people. Getting captured and snitching to save your skin gets you branded as a coward. If neither Canada nor the Islamic umma will have the Khadrs anymore, then that's their own fault.

But here's the money shot:

Ultimately, she said, the Khadrs are good citizens. "We pay our taxes and our papers were always in perfect order."

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Is there something about how the Khadrs got Canadian citizenship she's trying to hide?

Source: Globe & Mail

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