Friday, December 16, 2005

Maude Squad

It just wouldn't be an election without Maude Barlow rushing like Laura Secord with her cow to warn that the Yankee invaders are coming:

"Absolutely, and it's just this notion that you can make it public as ambassador . . . that you have a right to interfere in Canadian politics and bring this brand of conservatism north," Barlow said in a phone interview from Hong Kong, where she is attending the World Trade Organization meeting.

"An ambassador's role in the past has always been in the background, you work quietly in the background to influence policy and improve relations between your countries. You don't use that position to impose your brand of political conservatism or social conservatism on a democratic country."

In a poll given to The Canadian Press, 58 per cent of respondents indicated they are concerned that America's increasing conservatism is a threat to the Canadian way of life.

Few could tell you what this aupposed increasing American conservatism consists of, and what threat it exactly represents, let alone what is unique to the Canadian way of life, except that it has something to do with health care, Iraq, and the 700 Club.

For a Canadian nationalist, Maude has little confidence in Canada's ability to promote and protect its national identity. A confident nation would have just shrugged off Ambassador Wilkins' comments, perhaps with a mild rebuke.

Confident nations don't scream at the slightest criticism, even if it's not always the most timely.

Source: Yahoo

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