Wednesday, December 07, 2005

But They Support One-Tier Health Care

The NDP candidate running against Jean Lapierre in Outremont sounds too much like a stereotypical university professor to be a real person. He's got to be a figment of the imagination. I hope:

An NDP candidate in Quebec is offering praise for Cuban President Fidel Castro and Venezualan President Hugo Chavez, and says the Canadian government should run Air Canada, CN Rail and the oil and gas industry.

Leo-Paul Lauzon, a university economics professor in Quebec known for his left-wing views, said Canada should never have privatized those national commodities.

He also said the country should never have let private companies take over the energy sector.

"Natural gas. At minimum - the federal government should have a part ownership that didn't give them legal control but effective control."

Lauzon was asked if he thought Chavez was an example Canada should look to. Supporters praise Chavez for spending oil revenues on popular social programs for the poor. But critics say Chavez uses Venezuala's state-run oil industry as a political tool and has become increasingly authoritarian.

"Yes, it's a good example and I'm not ashamed to say it. The same thing with Fidel Castro. Look what they did, you know for the population," Lauzon said.

Look at what Castro and Chavez have done for their people, indeed!

The NDP may be short on people in Quebec, but surely they can do better than an apologist for two of the ugliest tyrants in the world.

Source: CBC


v said...

Outremont might be the best battle in the election: You've got the Liberal Quebec lieutenant versus BQ star candidate former MNA Jacques Léonard and NDP "economist" Léo-Paul Lauzon.

And then there is the Tory candidate for Outremont:

Daniel Fournier is a recipient of the Rhodes scholarship
and has earned Bachelors degrees in History and Law from Oxford University. Mr. Fournier is President of the firm Capital, specializing in strategic commercial real estate planning in Montreal, and has been a director of real estate investment trusts for more than 20 years. He was President of the board of Ogilvy, CEO of Equidev and Vice-President of Canderel, a leader in the real estate sector. He has been a member of the board of many companies such as Standard Life and Standard Trust, and is a member of the Board of Summit REIT.

In his community, Mr. Fournier is active within many organizations: the McCord Museum, the Foundation of Sainte-Justine hospital for children, the YWCA Foundation, the YMCA, the Jean Lapointe Foundation and the Chateau Ramezay.

Mr. Fournier is married to Caroline Drouin. They have four children.

TheTorontoTory said...

Good reality check! Excellent Blog!