Monday, December 12, 2005

A Simple Question From A Simple Rube

Submitted for the consideration of my fellow right whingers:

Is there a causal connection between the apparent implosion of NDP support and the appearance of Robert McClelland as administrator of the Blogging Dippers?

Just asking.


ferrethouse said...

Both the Blogging Dippers and the NDP will be dead after this election. Robert McClelland is too insignificant to have any effect what so ever on the NDP's popularity (or lack thereof). He is an impotent jackass.

Anonymous said...

And he has that anti-semetic post on his blog.

Don't forget that.

And he's a snitch.

Don't forget that either, fellow rubes.

And that rube thing never gets old.

Don't forget that.

AlbertaAvenue said...

Robert is a psychopath, but has very little to do with the NDP, but I agree that both the Blogging Dippers and the NDP will be destroyed.

If nothing else, even if the Liberals do win, which I doubt very much, at least we'll have the comfort of having destroyed the socialists and commies in this countries.