Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hoplophobia Claims Another Victim

Elie Betito, the Oakville Liberal EDA who told an RCMP ballistics technician to take her "gun loving ass back to the USA," has taken her gun hating ass out of the EDA executive and MP Bonnie Brown's campaign.

The original e-mail that provoked this vulgar outburst is right here at Small Dead Animals.

So much for the argument that getting more women involved in the political process will increase civility therein.

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Another Sean said...

While I am glad that yet another Liberal buffoon has revealed his thin skin, unfortunately Elie is a "he" not "she".
From SDA:
Update: Betito Resigns At least two readers have recieved replies to emails sent to Brown's campaign office. Jim LeFrancois (for the Bonnie Brown campaign) writes :
"He was a volunteer for the Liberal Party and has today resigned that position as a result of these intemperate comments. "