Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Pierre Pettigrew Conspiracy Theory

CTV reports that Pierre Pettigrew's alleged assailant, Frederick Estelle, is described by his father as a strict evangelical Christian.

Evangelical Christians have been accused of attempting to take over the Conservative Party.

Evangelical Christians have also been in the vanguard of the fight against same-sex marriage, within and without the Conservative Party.

Pierre Pettigrew is widely rumoured to be homosexual.

Pierre Pettigrew is also a vocal advocate of same-sex marriage and opponent of religious intervention in political debate.

Connect the dots and you have Monday's lead story in the Globe and Mail: "SOURCES HINT CHRISTIANS FORCED HARPER TO ORDER PETTIGREW ATTACK."

See how easy it is to write for Bell Globemedia?


Canadi-anna said...

That's too funny.
Happy New Year!

Laurent said...

Politically incorrect... with style!

Anonymous said...

Where is the link to the story?

Anonymous said...

the links are the blue text. keep waving your cursor over the text under the title and voila.