Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stand By Your Man

Ralph Goodale may genuinely not have known that people were conducting insider trading in anticipation of his income trust tax policy announcement. He may have been wilfully blind to the shenanigans in his office, or he may have had a hand in leaking the information.

But the Liberals stick together in adversity, even in alleged criminality:

Prime Minister Paul Martin said today Finance Minister Ralph Goodale will not resign because of the RCMP decision Wednesday to launch a criminal investigation into whether advance notice of Ottawa's plans for income trusts leaked from the federal Liberal government.

The Conservatives and New Democrats immediately attacked the Liberal leader's position.

"He is a person of the greatest integrity, and he will not be stepping down," Mr. Martin said during a campaign photo op this morning.

"The RCMP has said there is no evidence of wrongdoing on Mr. Goodale's behalf, his office or his department," Mr. Martin said. "I have full confidence in Ralph Goodale. I believe that an investigation — as does he — will clear the air, including the allegation as to whether or not a leak actually took place."

Leave aside for the moment the nonsense about the RCMP exonerating Goodale before the investigation and evidence gathering begins.

He's just staked everything on the income trust controversy on pledging Ralph Goodale's good name. If there's even a hint of impropriety surrounding Goodale, these words will come back to haunt Martin.

Unfortunately, not likely in time to have any real effect on the election.

Source: Globe and Mail

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Dan McKenzie said...

Wow, a conservative blog that doesn't depend on manufactured outrage. I'm impressed.