Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boomer Bust: North Of 60

2006 promises to be a year full of more than the usual baby boomer narcissism and self-congratulation because the first of the absolutely greatest generation that ever was is turning 60:

The iconoclastic generation that by virtue of its numbers changed the world in the '60s, that invented and established youth culture and chanted about not trusting anybody over 30, is now challenging the world to change again, to accommodate the crushing cohort of boomers starting to enter their 60s. The transformation of boomers into seniors may be terrific for the makers of Botox, but it threatens to rattle and perhaps even to wreak havoc with the economy, health care, social services, the labour force and the pension system.

Fifteen years ago, the ratio of Canadians aged 55 to 64 to those aged 15 to 24 was 1 to 6. Ten years ago, the ratio slipped to 1 to 4. Five years from now, there will likely be parity. Too few young workers will be toiling to support too many retired seniors. Stated another way, the median age in Canada in 1966, when the last boomers (who face the big Four Oh in Oh Six) were born, was 25.4. In 2001, it was 37.6.

As they journey from the dawn of the age of Aquarius into the sunset at the end of the day, from rocking the world to rocking chairs, boomers expect to get what they want. Typically, some would say.

Forgive me if I do not break out the champagne and confetti in celebration.

The generation that hoped to die before it got old, is going to bankrupt our health care and public pension systems for the simple reason that they preferred to contracept and abort the children who would have underwritten them, all in the name of the sexual revolution.

But revolutions always turn on their own. The boomers of the Western world will be liquidated by mass euthanasia by the children who survived mass abortion. If the resentful Third World and Islamic immigrants don't get them first.

Source: Toronto Star

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