Thursday, December 01, 2005

Campbell's Sour Grapes Soup

The Liberals picked Kim Campbell out of the dustbin of history and dumped her into the consulate general in Los Angeles, and now she's returning the favour:

Former Tory prime minister Kim Campbell says she doesn't think Stephen Harper will win the federal election because Canadians are too afraid of his party's social conservative agenda.

Campbell made the comments in an interview Thursday at her alma mater, the London School of Economics.

"Their (the Conservative party's) positions are too socially conservative, I think, to form a government in Canada," said Campbell about the Jan. 23 election. "People may like their fiscal policies but they're frightened by their social conservatism...It's a pity because it denies people a choice on policy issues."

Kim Campbell's comments are illustrative of the governing classes' contempt for the electorate. We may have our choice of economic side dish between mild socialism and mild free market economy, but we must order the social extremist main course of mandatory unbridled sexual licence and death worship.

How many seats did you win again Kim?

Source: CBC


Warwick said...

Actually, she didn't win her seat. She got turfed if I recall correctly.

Nicol DuMoulin said...

Think for a minute. Harper, if he is to win needs to be portrayed as the underdog. David vs, Goliath...this fits just nicely actually.