Monday, December 05, 2005

Slimy Creatures Threaten East Coast

Not the Grits making dark predictions of no more pogey and fly-by-night make-work projects under a Tory government, however:

A slew of goopy and gross sea creatures is making its way into or near Canadian waters, leaving a slimy trail that is menacing mussels and threatening rich fishing grounds.

Known as the tunicate, the unappealing sea life has slithered into waters around several provinces, including Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

It fouls mussel farms and is raising anxiety over future invasions.

One in particular — didemnum — is alarming marine biologists, who fear the species could get into Canadian waters and smother lucrative scallop beds under a pancake-like batter that chokes off life.

But actually not entirely unlike them, it seems.

Globe and Mail

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